False hostage-taking at Ubisoft | Suspect’s trial postponed to June 2023 for psychological expertise

(Paris) The trial of the main suspect in the false Ubisoft hostage-taking, which took place in Montreal in 2020, has been postponed to June 2023, in Paris, while a psychiatric expertise is carried out.

Posted at 6:00 a.m.

Lola Breton
special collaboration

Suspected of having organized a telephone prank in order to trap police services (“swatting”) from the Paris region, on the pretext of a false hostage-taking in the offices of Ubisoft Montreal, Yanni Ouahioune had difficulty expressing himself on Monday.

The frail young man of 21, with curly hair, has been on medication and psychiatric monitoring for several years. “I am good and bad at the same time,” said Yanni Ouahioune — better known in the world of video games under the pseudonym of Yannox.

The judges therefore ordered a new psychiatric expertise to ensure that the young man “is fit to be tried”.

The hearing was thus adjourned to June 12, 2023. Yanni Ouahioune will then respond to the facts alleged against him in the Ubisoft file, but also to the suspicions of computer attacks against the French National Center for Distance Education and against a third party. civil society, the company Fuze 3 SARL, incorporated towards the end of last week. This late addition of the third file to the procedure also motivated the postponement of the hearing in June.

Pending the dismissal of the trial, the player is kept under judicial supervision. He is under house arrest with his mother and must receive psychiatric care. “I hope you have ceased your activities on the internet,” the judge slipped to him before closing the hearing.

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