faced with war, the emotion of an Israeli peace activist

There are few pacifist voices in Israel like that of Yael Treidel. This Israeli activist, who lost two friends in the Hamas attack, campaigns for peace between Israel and the Palestinians.



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An Israeli flag in Jerusalem.  (AHMAD GHARABLI / AFP)

The extension of the truce between Israel and Hamas has been in effect since Monday, November 27 and could extend further, but one word is still very far from the discussions: peace. Peace activists have no place in the Israeli media.

Franceinfo met one of these voices: Yael Treidel. When we arrive at her home, an hour’s drive from Tel Aviv, we immediately understand that women and words like hers have become very rare in Israel.

“By sympathizing with people dying in Gaza, Israelis think I am on the side of Hamas, which is not the case.”

Yael Treidel

at franceinfo

“I would like to tell you that there are many of us, but that is not the case”deplores this activist. “For many people, when there is so much suffering, it is difficult to feel the suffering of others.” Yael Treidel knows what she is talking about: she lost two friends, two peace activists murdered by Hamas on October 7.

Despite everything, she maintains links with a friend in Gaza. “It’s very, very difficult there. They’re fighting for food, for water. He’s lost a lot of family members, friends, it’s difficult.” Yael does not want us to record an exchange between her and her Gazan friend, a bubble of peace that they create from time to time. “That could cause him problems with Hamas. I don’t want to put him in danger.”

Hamas figures ‘are pretty close to the truth’

This woman is one of the only ones in Israel to believe that the figures given by Hamas, which speak of nearly 15,000 deaths, are rather reliable. “History shows that usually the numbers they give are pretty close to the truth.”she says. “And the most horrible thing is that 70% are women and children, it has never been so high. This disturbs me a lot and it is another reason for me to end this war because that, yes, I’m having a hard time absorbing this level of destruction.”

For Yael, the two peoples need global help to reach a political agreement. The current government seems far removed from his concerns.

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