Fabien Roussel calls for “invading” prefectures, supermarkets and gas stations

The communist deputy and national secretary of the PCF was the guest of 8:30 franceinfo.

It’s like self-defense“, says Fabien Roussel this Thursday on franceinfo while calling for “to invade“gas stations, supermarkets and prefectures to denounce inflation.”How much longer do you think we’re going to let ourselves be fooled?“, asks the national secretary of the Communist Party.

We get attacked, extorted, robbed and we shouldn’t say anything“, continued the national secretary of the PCF in the face of rising food, energy and fuel prices.

Fuel prices in France have risen regularly for several weeks, approaching 2 euros per liter on average. The SP95-E10 sold at 1.9359 euros per liter (+0.9 cents compared to the previous week), diesel at 1.88 euros (+2.3 cents) and the SP-98 at 2 euros ( stable). These prices had not been so high since April for gasoline and February for diesel, according to statistics from the Ministry of Ecological Transition.

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“Block prices”

Even if inflation has shown signs of slowing down in recent months, the measures announced by the government to combat the rise in food prices are not sufficient, according to Fabien Roussel. “Bruno Le Maire, he has been asking for wages to increase for a year, he has been asking for the industry to lower prices for a year. The reality is that it doesn’t work“, tackled the boss of the PCF, who calls on the government to “concrete measures” For “block prices” And “restore purchasing power to the French” : “If all this is not done in the coming weeks, yes, we call for the invasion of gas stations, supermarkets, prefectures, because the State is responsible“, he threatened. “I can no longer support a President of the Republic who says the State cannot do everything, the State is powerless, the State cannot do“, he continued.

When I call for mobilization, it is because I feel that there is strong exasperation among our fellow citizens and that there may be outbreaks of hunger tomorrow.“, he says. “I want the State to move, I prefer that a political party, trade union organizations, associations organize this anger and express it towards the representatives of the State who are the prefects, but also the ministers, the president of the Republic to ask for things to move rather than doing nothing“, he explained.

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