exit Pierre Palmade, his new favorite is called Philippe Lacheau

She returns for the 22nd time to Les Enfoirés, with the same will and the same urgency as when she started. And Michèle Laroque is a supporter of the saying “More the merrier, the merrier“. This February 19, 2024, while she gave an interview to our colleagues from TV Cable Satthe comedian explained how she recruited the gang in Fifi, for a good cause.

“We are here, my group of friends and I thanks to Michèle”

Indeed, she who considers that it is “a gift to be part of Restos du Cœur” since 1997, appears in particular this year with Philippe Lacheau, leader of Alibi.com films, with his accomplices Tarek Boudali, Julien Arruti and Élodie Fontan. He who arrives at his seventh participation admits: “We are here, my group of friends and I thanks to Michèle“.

And to add: “First, we were surprised because we didn’t feel legitimate. Today, we are very proud and flattered to be present”. It must be said that Philippe Lacheau, like many French people, has a very special history with the Enfoirés, who began singing in 1985, under the leadership of Coluche, and with the help of Jean-Jacques Goldman.

He admits thus: “Since I was little, I watched the Enfoirés concert with my parents. And, for my first participation in 2018, I was moved because they were present in the room”. And Michèle Laroque is very proud of her foal. Also, she assures our colleagues: “With his gang, I find that they are exceptional Bastards, invested, happy, honored to be there.”

“Do a show with Philippe in which he would play my son

More broadly, the ex-partner of François Baroin believes about young comedians: “They deserve their success. They are fabulous human beings. They starred in my first film, Brillantissime, and I had a role in their film, Alibi.com“. To the point where she even sees herself collaborating with them again. And for good reason, she says: “It would amuse me to do a show with Philippe in which he would play my son“It’s Pierre Palmade who will be jealous.


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