Exemption clause renewed for the law on secularism | The CAQ and the PQ form the “nationalist camp,” says Legault

(Quebec) The derogation clause from the charters of rights is an “essential instrument to preserve the autonomy of Quebec,” believes Prime Minister François Legault, for whom the Coalition Avenir Québec and the Parti Québécois form the “nationalist camp” at the time. ‘National Assembly. The Liberal Party and Québec solidaire are in the “abandonment of Quebec’s powers” ​​camp.

He made this statement on Thursday, shortly after the adoption in the National Assembly of the law which renews for another period of five years this clause shielding the law on state secularism from prosecution (bill 21).

This law prohibits the wearing of religious symbols by state agents with coercive power (police officers, prize guards, crown prosecutors and judges) and teachers.

At the Salon Bleu, government and Parti Québécois deputies voted in favor of the legislative text of the Minister responsible for Secularism, Jean-François Roberge, and thus renewed the exemption clause. Elected officials from the Liberal Party and Québec Solidaire opposed it.

“The Quebec government used the parliamentary sovereignty clause, called the notwithstanding clause, to protect Quebec’s ability to make its own choices. The derogation clause is an instrument that is essential to preserve the autonomy of Quebec,” argued François Legault during a press briefing. However, Liberal and Solidarity deputies “voted to take away powers from the National Assembly of Quebec.”

“What we see now in the National Assembly is two camps. On one side, we have the nationalist camp, which defends the autonomy of Quebec, the CAQ and the PQ, then, on the other side, well, we now have the camp of the abandonment of Quebec’s powers, the Liberal Party and Quebec Solidarity,” he said.

The Liberal Party was quick to react. “I’m starting to have had enough of François Legault! » launched its interim leader Marc Tanguay. “Let him not come and insult our intelligence by saying that by not voting on his side we are taking away rights from the National Assembly. […] François Legault lied, it’s false. »

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