exclusive meeting with Metallica for the release of the new album “72 seasons”


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They’re one of the greatest rock bands of all time, and here they are, top of the charts with their new album. Two of the members of Metallica gave franceinfo an exclusive interview.

Metallica is more than 40 years of a career led drum beating, without concessions, placing metal in the popular media sphere, to become a huge machine that brings together hundreds of thousands of spectators in concert each year. James Hetfield, singer-guitarist, and Kirk Hammett, guitarist of Metallica, received franceinfo for an exclusive interview, on the occasion of the release of their new album, 72 Seasonsstarted in the midst of a pandemic, “a bittersweet time”.

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The two musicians still fondly remember their beginnings: “40 years ago, when we first saw our record kill ’em allit was magical”, assures James Hetfield. And Kirk Hammett to smile again: “Looking at the record, flipping the sleeve over and seeing our heads behind it, I showed it to my mom and said, ‘Look, I’m not the moron you thought I was!’

“The French have always been supporters since day one”

40 years later, no nostalgia: “Our goal was not to have a job, not to have to work. And it worked pretty well!”. Before specifying: “It was never our goal to be ‘established’ in pop culture. We never wavered, as grunge, new metal, alternative came and went, and we’re still here. ”

The appointment with the public has long been made: Metallica has announced a titanic world tour: with M72, the band play two nights in each designated city. For Paris, it will be May 17 and 19. “The French have always been big fans, supporters of Metallica since day one. It’s always so good to come back and see that they are still very much alive!”assures the group.

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