“Everywhere, people thank me and tell me that I wrote history,” says LFI MP Sébastien Delogu

According to the LFI deputy for Bouches-du-Rhône, his gesture should allow a “raising of conscience” in France on the situation in Gaza.



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La France Insoumise (LFI) MP Sébastien Delogu waves a Palestinian national flag during the government questions session at the National Assembly in Paris, May 28, 2024. (MIGUEL MEDINA / AFP)

People everywhere thank me and tell me that I wrote history“, welcomes Sébastien Delogu LFI deputy for Bouches-du-Rhône who brandished a Palestinian flag in the National Assembly on Tuesday May 28. . He announced Thursday on his X account that he will refer the matter to the ECHR (European Court of Human Rights) after his sanction. Guest of France Bleu Provence, he, on the other hand, estimated that turning off the lights of the city hall in Marseille in support of the victims of Rafah is “hypocritical“.

Last Tuesday, the question session to the government was suspended in the National Assembly after LFI deputy Sébastien Delogu brandished a Palestinian flag during the intervention of Franck Riester, Minister Delegate to the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs. The LFI deputy was excluded for 15 days from the National Assembly. His compensation is also partially suspended.

My sanction for having brandished the flag of a colonized and massacred people is worthy of an authoritarian regimewrote Sébastien Delogu this Thursday on his X account. The voices of peace suffer bans, summons and violence from a dying power“. Faced with his sanction, he announced thus: “I refer the matter to the ECHR. The France of the accomplices of the genocide is not ours!

Wednesday evening, Marseille City Hall and Notre-Dame de la Garde were plunged into darkness at 10 p.m. in support of the victims of Rafah in Palestine. But for the rebellious deputy, “What did turning off the lights do? It didn’t bring anything.”. “The mayor of Marseille could have acted a long time ago and he did not do it, he did it hypocritically, as the government did.t”, declares Sébastien Delogu.

According to him, it is rather “continue to put constant pressure on institutions to denounce that there is a genocide underway in Palestine, continue to explain that the Palestinian flag is not the flag of Hamas, but the flag of millions of people, men, women and children who are oppressed, occupied and colonized“. The LFI deputy adds that he did it.”in the National Assembly, the mayor of Marseille could, for example, have raised the Palestinian flag and lowered it to half-mast at Marseille town hall, as I had requested. He made the choice to never answer mee”.

The elected official claims to have made history with his gesture in the National Assembly. “Since I did this at the National Assembly, I have been stopped in the street. Everywhere, people thank me and tell me that I made history.”. Raising that flag,”all of France saw this gesture saying you see children with their heads torn off, you see cities destroyed, you see a genocide in progress, you do nothing, you do not act, we must act.

The member says he is not doing “of flashes of brilliance“and on social networks he called for a”uprising” : “It needs to raise awareness, for people to protest about this situation. Everyone must go to the streets. At the beginning, we were fined, now, we are on the right side of history. In the Assembly, I am not on the right side of the rules, but I am on the right side of history, I am very happy and proud to be on the side of history“, he concludes.

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