Evelyne Dhéliat discovered herself 50 years ago and burst into tears

Before presenting rain and shine, Évelyne Dhéliat began her career on the small screen as an announcer. A job that she practiced live on air for more than 20 years, from 1968 to 1990, before applying for the presentation of the weather forecast on TF1 in 1991 following the departure of Michel Cardoze.

A period to which she returned on the occasion of the launch of the channel FAST “INA70” an extract of which has just been revealed this Sunday, November 12, 2023 on Instagram.

“In fact, the role of the announcers was to explain in a few words what the show we were going to see was about. And then, it was a common thread throughout the day since the programs started early and ended at midnight. We closed the antenna“, she first recalled.

A first job in the audiovisual world which also allowed Évelyne Dhéliat to receive guests and to familiarize herself with the exercise of live interviews: “One moment, it started to move. It was more the announcer with the flower pot next to it in the decor. From time to time, there were actors who agreed to come live to announce and launch the show “she remembered.

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The end of an era

“It’s a way of presenting that can no longer exist today. Firstly because there are no longer any problems or breakdowns on television. It’s a profession that has disappeared in particular with the trailers arrive”said Evelyne Dhéliat during her appearance on the show.

“Seeing these images again is obviously emotional. And above all, they are wonderful memories”she concluded with tears in her eyes… An emotion shared by Internet users who massively commented on this post on Instagram to express their nostalgia.

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