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More involved than ever in the creation of her work, singer and actress Evelyne Brochu presents her second album, The danger, on which she signs most of the texts. His record is an uninhibited party, a dance evening where a certain melancholy is diluted in lightness.

Evelyne Brochu had so much fun creating her first album that she knew she would continue on this path. At the exit ofLost objects, in 2019, she spoke of a door that she had allowed herself to open to explore this other side of her life, where she is also a singer in addition to being an actress. Once this door was opened, there was no question of closing it again.

“But the album wasn’t made over the last four years, because in the meantime, there was the pandemic and I had twins,” she tells us. It was precisely at the end of her maternity leave, while she was in Paris between two shoots, that she began to write what would become The dangeran album “more uninhibited than the first”.

“I was alone and I had returned to this Evelyne who wrote a lot of poems in the cafes or bars of her youth,” says the singer.


Evelyne Brochu

I had never really shared this side of me, but after the experience of the first album where one of my poems became the song Exactly seven daysI wanted to continue that.

Evelyne Brochu

She got “the bug”, so much so that she found the courage to write for her next record. She sent her writings to Félix Dyotte, her great friend and collaborator, the one who wrote the other songs on the album (in addition to wearing several other hats, including those of composer, director and musician).

“One day I sent him [la chanson-titre] The danger and he, in return, sent me The risk [un autre morceau du disque], says Evelyne Brochu. We talked like that until last November, we took about two months to work on the music. »

“Adapting to the daycare schedule”, they spent entire days at Félix’s house, turning these texts into songs, before then recording everything at Studio Dandurand, surrounded by talented musicians, so Guillaume Éthier, Camille Gélinas and Maxime Castellon.

We then added “a slightly more pop treatment” to the mix to make it the thing we hear today.

Compared to the first disc, Evelyne Brochu says that “we are in the same province, but not in the same city”. This album is more festive, a little less melancholic, indeed more pop (the synthesizers have a blast on several pieces). But we still feel the beautiful influence of French song, with Mylène Farmer style. The singer also quotes Plamondon when referring to her song The shadows. In short, there is everything, but everything fits, because the themes of celebration, desire, sensuality are imbued from start to finish.

The “flight forward”

“It’s both dizzying and addictive,” says Evelyne Brochu when she talks about being a singer. The actress we saw in My brother’s wife, Tom on the farm Or Café de Flore continues to feel “butterflies” when she makes music. “It increased tenfold for this album,” she reveals. There’s something magical, just doing it, seeing it come to life in the studio. I felt so privileged to witness this successive explosion of talent, observing all [mes collaborateurs] to work. I see it like a screen print, where other layers of color appear each time. »

The colors of this disc are a little more flashy than what Evelyne Brochu proposed on her first. “It is a call to desire, to joy, to what is ultimately light. »

As much as my soul would like to be rock, in my heart, deep down, I am perhaps a little more French song after all.

Evelyne Brochu

She quotes the play The garden as one of his favorites. On this one, her “actress side” is expressed. “There is a mixture of lightness, of flight forward, of the desire to get out of oneself and go towards the other,” she describes. There is also the aspect of returning to oneself, to what really matters, which is very important in my life. To tell those we love that this is our place, with them. »

Evelyne Brochu describes it as “the most important song on the album, the one that is closest to [son] heart “.


Evelyne Brochu

The women’s paradigm

However, it is the room The danger which ended up being the title song. For what ?

“It is multi-sense,” replies the singer. Coming out of the pandemic, we had been in danger, we had felt our fragility. As from an ecological point of view, we feel in danger. We are in an era of worry where lightness is no longer appropriate. We can no longer allow ourselves this lightness and this relationship with life where we go from passion to passion, from joy to joy. The answer to that is the opposite. »

On The danger, she sings “The more I move, the more he misses his target”. By committing to changing things, by moving towards joy, we can, perhaps, avoid danger, she believes.

“There is also this more intimate side, where women are often told to be careful all the time,” she adds. I have already been told that I was too into seduction, that it could cost me roles. Women are told that they are either dangerous or in danger. I wondered what would happen if we got out of that paradigm and just went and played in the alley with the cats. »

The release of the record will come with its share of celebrations, including shows in Montreal (October 14) and Quebec (October 19). “We’re going to play on the edge of danger,” she said. It will be vibrant and festive, just like the album. It’s going to be bolder, more immodest. »

The danger


The danger

Evelyne Brochu

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