Eurosport wants to attract a “younger and different” audience

The sports channel will be the only one to offer the entire competition. Géraldine Pons, Eurosport sports director, explains the system in detail.



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Géraldine Pons, Eurosport sports director, March 1, 2024. (FRANCEINFO / RADIOFRANCE)

Eurosport broadcasts major sporting events such as the Tour de France, the US Open, the Athletics Championships and the Winter and Summer Olympic Games for which it holds the rights until 2032. In direct competition with France Télévisions which broadcasts the Paris 2024 Olympic Games for free, Géraldine Pons, director of sportsEurosportpoints out the differences: “We pay. We make the difference on completeness, we will offer the entire Games and we will be able to show everything“.

The thematic channel Eurosport is getting ready to cover the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. If there is particular pressure and expectation because the Olympic Games are taking place in France, Géraldine Pons, sports director, confirms that ten thematic channels, at The image of those put in place during the Tokyo Olympics in 2020 will make it possible to follow the events in their entirety. She explains the absence of broadcasting of the Paralympic Games for budgetary reasons. This news will be covered otherwise, on the Eurosport website or in formats integrated into linear broadcasts.

Good audiences

Sport also being a celebration, Géraldine Pons announces the collaboration with the actor Vincent Desagnat, one of Michaël Youn’s accomplices, responsible for bringing a little humor and lightness, but also attracting another audience. “We asked ourselves how to find people who have a little appetite for sport or not really, but who will feel good with us, who will have a good time by opening it up to a perhaps younger audience, different from what we usually have“, she explains.

In 2023 Eurosport will have its best audiences in ten years and even if it lost the broadcasting rights for Roland Garros to Amazon Prime, the director responds that the channel does not lack local rights at European level. “We have the entire ATP tour for a period of three years, it’s a very strong right“, she explains. As for the rights of Ligue 1 football, she denounces their exorbitant cost and calls for more reason: “We cannot pay such expensive fees and not find our way. It has to be a virtuous circle for everyone“.

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