Etienne Daho lets loose without taboo and as rarely on his intimate life!

And 13! “Shooting the Stars at Night”signs the return in beauty and all in grace of the king of French pop. At 67, Etienne Daho is indeed back, very sexy, with chiselled lyrics and inimitable rhythms that he has tirelessly experimented with since the 1980s while achieving the feat of tremendous modernity. His favorite theme? Love of course. In all its forms and rhythms, like what he likes to experience passionately and intimately. Discreet nonetheless about his private life, this eternal dandy has never hidden his attraction to both sexes. AT Madame Figarohe even wanted to develop what characterizes his own vision and version of love in an interview delivered on May 9, 2023. Without however giving a “typical” definition of it because It should be labeled immediatelysay what we are, and what we are not.” And to confess: I fall in love with a person, not a sex assignment. My discretion on the subject does not mean that I have a secret. But explaining yourself is a little too much like apologizing. And that’s not an option. I am agreat lover, which gives me phenomenal strength.”

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“I don’t think I’ve ever been so honest…”

And indeed on the one who has always remained secret in this area, never revealing details about the people sharing his life, nevertheless revealed in 2017 to Liberation, to have a 17-year-old child (at the time) that he does not did not know for having heard the news late: “Maybe then there were others, given the life I’ve led”, he declared. Today, he seems to have neither remorse nor regrets, enjoying his life as it always presents itself to him, and all these possible forms of love: “The love of the public, eternal source of incredulity and gratitude, the carnal passions, the amorous friendships, the platonic loves. It takes on so many forms.” With a clear observation: “I don’t think I’ve ever been so honest… Finally, let’s say that I am not pansexual, I am a sexual being.” Rare and sincere confidences…


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