Étienne Daho convinced him!

Etienne Daho had chosen Valentine’s Day to launch his first good news of the year. The singer had decided to reveal the title Boyfriend, taken from his next album entitled, Tirer la nuit sur les étoiles. A reference to the legendary couple formed by Ava Gardner and Franck Sinatra.

Friday March 10, 2023, almost a month later, the star shared the tracklist of this 12th opus, which her fans will be able to enjoy from May 12, 2023. “An album image is so important. It says what the disc is. It is its most accurate reflection and the first contact we have with the music”writes Étienne Daho on instagram in the caption of the photo, taken by Pierre-Ange Carlotti.

Among the 12 pieces, Etienne Daho will be in duet with Vanessa Paradis! The 67-year-old singer also released a video, presented as a trailer for the album, retracing the stages of its conception between London, Paris and Saint-Malo. A press release reveals that “Étienne Daho will find his audience on stage during a tour scheduled for the fall of 2023.

The disc will follow Blitzreleased in 2017, and his covers album Surf unveiled in 2020.

Vanessa Paradis’ embarrassing face-to-face with… Rayane Bensetti

A few days ago, facing Guillaume Pley in Legend on Youtube, Rayane Bensetti told how his meeting with Vanessa Paradis turned into a nightmare. “My mother and I have always been fans of everyone. Today, it’s funny to rub shoulders with people for whom I had admiration when I was young. So I came to Paris and I did all the theater outings where there were celebrities to meet them and try to scratch in the cinema”he recalled.

“It was the Caesars […] I was waiting for the end. I know my mom loves Vanessa Paradis and I had my little camera. I ask her if it’s possible to make a video for my mother, she said to me: ‘But your mother, I don’t know her. I don’t even do it for my mom on the show, so I’m still not gonna do it for you.” An episode that has “brutalised” And “shocked” the young man, marked by this moment.

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