Eric Zemmour pissed off: he sends a microphone flying, Sarah Knafo disappointed

I will not choose the wrong opponent. This is why I call on my voters to vote for Marine Le Pen“, said in a speech the leader of the party “Reconquest”.I have many disagreements with Marine Le Pen“, but there is face to it”a man who brought in 2 million immigrants” in France, he said about Emmanuel Macron. According to him, the outgoing president is “a man who didn’t say a word about identity, immigration security during his campaign and will therefore do worse if re-elected“About Marine Le Pen, Eric Zemmour clarified: “I know some of my constituents won’t want to vote for her, I’m not judging them.” The cantor of the “great replacement” said to himself “determined to continue the fight‘ approaching and will say “very quickly the form that will take” his action to his militants. He had announced in Elysee 2022 on France 2 to prepare for the legislative elections.

At his side during this evening, all dressed in black, Sarah Knafo, his campaign manager and companion, must also digest the news. The 29-year-old enarque, who put his career at the Court of Auditors on pause to accompany the presidential adventure of the famous reactionary essayist, displayed a smile of circumstance in front of the objectives. After a whirlwind start – leaving the doubt of a presence in the second round, the electoral ascent of the ex-editorialist of Cnews and the Figaro did not reach the heights expected. The role of its influential strategy director then raises even more questions.

Five months ago in The Express, Sarah Knafo was described as a fiery young woman who is fearless, with a well-filled address book and who is not afraid to write her own legend. A relative of Eric Zemmour, Philippe de Villiers, believed that their collaboration would end badly, then Pierre Meurin, a former member of his bodyguard, supported this idea: “Eric Zemmour absolutely does not manage his team, he delegates everything to Sarah Knafo whom he expects to offer him the Elysée. He never attended executive committee meetings when I was on it.“Disconnected from reality, too boosted by the first intentions of votes in October? Pierre Meurin nevertheless recognizes the privilege of having made the left non-existent. If he did not see on the presidential chair, he imagined it”king maker” Where “support a candidate in the second round of the presidential election“to beat Emmanuel Macron… To be continued.

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