Eric Zemmour hits a woman after being attacked during a trip to Corsica

The president of Reconquête was targeted by egg throwing during a walk in the Ajaccio market, as part of the campaign for the European elections. The prosecution opened an investigation for “meeting violence”.



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Eric Zemmour delivers a blow after a woman threw an egg at him, in Ajaccio, May 4, 2024. (PASCAL POCHARD-CASABIANCA / AFP)

An eventful trip for Eric Zemmour. During a stroll through the Ajaccio market on Saturday May 4, the president of the Reconquest party received eggs from opponents who called him a “facho” or “shit racist” and who shouted to him “Leave here !” While passing through Corsica as the European elections approached, the former presidential candidate reacted by striking a woman who had just targeted him, as shown in numerous photos and a video shot by Corsica Morning. The far-right leader has announced his intention to file a complaint.

On the video, the old TV columnconvicted several times for provoking racial hatred, is first attacked by a woman. He then turns around and punches the back of the opponent’s head. “He got away from a woman who came to attack him. (…) He absolutely did not show any violence”assured one of his collaborators on the social network. “He didn’t lose his nerve, he was attacked by around fifteen antifas, who threw an egg at his head and pushed him around”explains Eric Zemmour’s team to franceinfo. In the video, he pulls away from the young girl and turns around in a defensive reflex. All this happens in a quarter of a second. And Eric Zemmour is regularly threatened with death.”

“In this story, there is an aggressor and an attacked, let’s make no mistake.”

Eric Zemmour’s entourage

at franceinfo

“This is the true face of the extreme left, of the small violent groups, who really want us dead”also reacted the leader of the far-right party on. Eric Zemmour then continued his stroll, always followed by the same fifteen people kept at a distance by a CRS cordon. Sometimes warmly welcomed on certain stalls, he was encouraged to look elsewhere on others. He was then able to hold his meeting, as planned.

The Ajaccio prosecutor, Nicolas Septe, announced to AFP that an investigation into “meeting violence with weapons” had been opened. “The investigations were entrusted to the DIPN (Interdepartmental Directorate of the National Police) which must determine who are the people who attacked Mr. Zemmour”he clarified.

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