Éric Lapointe breaks the silence: Sophie Durocher reveals what struck her during her interview with the rocker

After four years spent in the shadows, singer Éric Lapointe, who received a conditional discharge in 2020 in relation to the accusations of assault on a woman against him, agreed to turn himself in to journalist Sophie Durocher and to return to the events which led to his arrest.

In this interview, the columnist and host focuses on the fall of the Quebec rocker, now 54 years old, his setbacks with alcohol and his other addictions, his arrest which occurred a few hours after the celebrations surrounding his 50e birthday, the legal process that followed and his rehabilitation.

We learn that the singer of Anythingthe first French-speaking male Quebec artist to sell more than a million albums, was hospitalized for nearly a month in 2009 after trying to wean himself off on his own and developing a love for drunkenness from preadolescence.

Éric Lapointe gave an interview to Sophie Durocher which will be broadcast on TVA on Sunday January 14, 2024.

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“I was really interested to know; when someone has been at the top to this point, when the fall is so dizzying, how we work on ourselves, how we change, how we evolve,” raised the columnist of the Newspaper during an interview with the QMI Agency.

The QUB host also specified that it was her desire to understand how an event of this magnitude could influence self-reflection that guided her throughout her interview with the rocker.

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“The fact that he went through the justice process and pleaded guilty made me feel comfortable from a moral point of view and an ethical point of view. . And above all, that we could talk about what it involves going through this legal process,” she added.

“There was no trial, he didn’t have to make the victim relive it and he took responsibility for the facts, so from there, I had no problem doing an interview with him” , she said, while emphasizing that it was not an interview about impressions, but based on the facts, only the facts, and that she kept her opinions for her columns.

Do useful work

According to the host, certain passages from her interview with Éric Lapointe can also be useful. “He doesn’t hide behind the alcohol excuse. At one point, he says in the interview: “I was the one who did the thing, it wasn’t the alcohol”, he doesn’t shy away from it and that, I find that important,” a- she pointed out.

Photo provided by TVA

“I didn’t think he was going to agree to look into his addiction to this extent, especially when we know that he started taking alcohol really very early, he says around 12-13 years old, I I admit that it’s quite intriguing. But I think that someone who looks like that at this addiction and who talks about it so openly and with so much lucidity can do useful work in our society,” believes M.me Of the rock.

Remember that Éric Lapointe pleaded guilty in October 2020 to charges of assaulting a woman. At the end of his conditional discharge, he had to follow therapy which will only end when the therapist decides, respect the good agreement and make a donation of $3,000 to a charity.

The show Éric Lapointe, facing his demons will be presented on TVA this Sunday, at 8:30 p.m., just after The voice.

Sophie Durocher will be in the next season of Get me out of here!. She can also be seen on the air from Monday to Thursday, at 3 p.m., on QUB, the TVA Group’s new specialty channel.

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