epidemiologist Philippe Amouyel advises “the most fragile people” to be vaccinated



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On the 19/20 info set, Monday October 2, epidemiologist Philippe Amouyel discusses the start of the new vaccination campaign against Covid-19.

The new vaccination campaign against Covid-19 begins Monday October 2. On the set of 19/20 info, epidemiologist Philippe Amouyel advises “to the most vulnerable people” to make their recall “because of serious forms and the risk of hospital saturation”. “We have not put in place the tools to vaccinate millions of people. […] We must consider targeting those over 65, immunocompromised people, those with chronic illnesses, overweight people, pregnant women and people in contracts with people with disabilities. risk”, indicates the professor.

The evolution of the immune shield

Asked about the comments of covidosceptics who believe that Covid-19 is A cold, Philippe Amouyel responds: “It’s thanks to the fact that there has several million people who have been vaccinated, who have become infectedtoday they can say that. What we don’t really know is how this immune shield will evolve.” While an epidemic rebound is underway, the epidemiologist explains thatwe don’t quantify it.”but it is not necessary “wait for the peak of the epidemic to be vaccinated”.

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