“engaged” to David Hallyday, she loses 40,000 euros

She was convinced that she was living a beautiful love story with David Hallyday, and this 57-year-old nurse was the victim of a terrible scam… Fan of the singer of “You didn’t give me time“, Roselyne confided to “66 minutes”the ordeal she experienced, when a scammer pretending to be her idol, asked for her hand, and some large sums of money…

40,000 euros to a fake David Hallyday

The couple, who spoke virtually, were to get married in a church in Loconville, in Oise, where Johnny Hallyday had married Sylvie Vartan in 1965. But it was above all Roselyne who was required to pay the costs. For his part, the future husband found a good pretext to ask for transfers.

He explains to me that with his father’s inheritance, his accounts were blocked” remembers the victim. And added: “He was asking me for financial help so he could unfreeze his account and get the money back to pay me back and live our life together“.

It’s ultimately the big disappointment for Roselyne, a few days before the planned wedding date. She lost 40,000 euros, and discovers that everything is a set-up. A heartbreak for the one who remembers the man who came to speak to her, saying “that it was the real one” and who sent him fiery declarations for Valentine’s Day.

“How could I have been fooled like that?”

These are words that touch a lot and do good (…) It touches you, it takes your heart! “, she explains in the show 66 minutes, and concludes, very disappointed and hurt: “For me he destroyed a huge part of my life. I still ask myself the question: how could I have been fooled like that?“,

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