Energy transition, campaign strategy, migration pact… What to remember from “Tomorrow Europe” with Marie Toussaint

Before the European elections, franceinfo receives the head lists of French parties. Marie Toussaint, head of the Les Écologues list, was the guest of “Demain l’Europe”, Friday April 5.



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Marie Toussaint was the guest of Demain l’Europe, Friday April 5, 2024. (FRANCE INFO / RADIO FRANCE)

Marie Toussaint, head of the Ecologist list in the European elections, was the guest of Demain l’Europe on Friday April 5. She responded to Agathe Lambret, Jean-Rémi Baudot, Renaud Dély, Annika Joeres, correspondent for the German weekly Die Zeitand Chiara Piotto, Sky News Italy correspondent.

European campaign: “I’m not going to tell you that everything is fine”

I’m not going to tell you that I’m happy with the surveys and that everything is fine“, comments Marie Toussaint about her campaign, while the list of Ecologists is credited with 6 to 7% in the polls. She takes responsibility for these different actions which have sometimes aroused criticism, such as a happening in front of Total headquarters. “staggered action” of which “young activists of the climate generation are used to“, according to her.

She claims to be looking for “mobilization“on ecological issues.”The campaign begins, let me defend my proposals“, repeats Marie Toussaint, while her competitor on the left Raphaël Glucksmann, head of the list for the Socialist Party, is ahead in voting intentions.

Energy: “We need to develop renewable energies”

The battle we must wage is against fossil fuels and that involves renewable energies.“, estimates Marie Toussaint, on the subject of the energy transition. “If we want to meet the objectives of the Paris agreement – reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by 45% by 2040 – then we do not have time to develop nuclear power again in France. Whoever is there, he is there but the solution for tomorrow is renewable energies and sobriety“.

MARie Toussaint recalls that “France chose nuclear power in the 1970s” and “many consider that it was a good thing because we have more carbon-free energy.” She regrets that France “uses the nuclear model to justify our inaction on renewable energies“.

Immigration: “The migration pact is 1000 places away from the necessary solidarity”

Asked about European migration policy, Marie Toussaint reiterates her disagreement with the policy “carried out over the last 20 years“. She recalls the vote on a migration pact in the coming weeks: “We will vote against this pact”, which notably provides for a new, more flexible solidarity mechanism between Member States. “There is a choice of reception or financial compensation, so we are 1000 places away from the necessary solidarity. I don’t want a Europe that agrees to let so many people die at its borders“.

The head of the list of environmentalists also recognized a “hardening opinions about immigration“. According to her, this is explained by a “deterioration of reception conditions“.”By saying that there are people condemned to poverty, we have more people on our streets. People are falling into poverty and this creates social tensions. If we managed to establish a dignified welcome by guaranteeing work, we would resolve some of the social problems and allow these people to return home if they wish.“, she concludes.


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