end of Tournament for Anthony Jelonch, victim of a “cruciate ligament rupture” against Scotland

The third line wing of the Blues was forced to give up his place in the first period, Sunday, against Scotland.

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His exit in the first period of the match against Scotland (32-21 victory), Sunday, February 26, did not bode well. The verdict, announced by coach Fabien Galthié at a press conference, confirmed it, Anthony Jelonch suffered a rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament of the knee. Out for the first time in the 7th minute, he had found his teammates in the 15th… before giving way again to François Cros in the 25th, knocked out on a saving tackle at the end of the line.

“It’s almost six months of absence, so you understand our very moderate joy”, continued Galthié. The calculation is quickly made: in six months (end of August, therefore), the Blues will complete their preparation for the World Cup, before their first match in the competition, on September 8 against New Zealand. Jelonch’s participation in the World Cup at home is, in fact, compromised. If he recovers in time, the third line will still have to be able to play very high intensity matches. He will miss, at least, the end of the season with his club Toulouse.

Indisputable holder for two years

Basic man of the Blues, he had only missed two games (out of 14) of the crazy series of invincibility of the Blues, during a Tour in Japan to which the semi-finalists of Top 14 were not invited. The formidable tackler had played in full 10 of these 12 games, a remarkable performance in a position very exposed to intense contact.

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