Encouraging results for terminally ill patients

A small clinical trial with encouraging results could prolong the lives of patients battling terminal cancer, according to a recent study.

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This new drug, which only targets cancer cells, could be effective against many types of cancer, according to a study relayed by Oncogeneone of the world’s leading journals on cancer, and shared by the French journal Health Magazine.

Developed by researchers from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and the company APIM Therapeutics, it is however only in the phase of clinical trials.

A first study, carried out on about twenty patients in the terminal phase, however showed encouraging preliminary results.

Indeed, 70% of patients would have seen their cancer stabilize after only six weeks of treatment. In one patient, who would have chosen instead to continue treatment for 17 months, the cancer would have stopped progressing for two years.

“[Le médicament ATX-101] can stabilize cancer, as recently published studies show, but can also help chemotherapy work even better so you don’t have to get as much of it,” said Marit Otterlei, professor of molecular medicine and co-author of the study, to the French media.

The second phase of the trial is also underway in the United States and Australia, where it will be tested in particular on a larger pool of patients, including patients with ovarian cancer.

So far, this study has spanned 18 years and required approximately 20 million euros, or nearly $30 million.

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