Employees sue X for non-payment of bonuses

(San Francisco) Social network

A former employee of the group, Mark Schobinger, sued the platform in June for breach of contract, arguing that Twitter had promised its employees the payment of a bonus for 2022 if they remained in the company bought by Elon Musk until the first quarter of 2023, the expected deadline for this payment.


“Schobinger asserted a breach of contract claim that is valid under California law. He alleges that Twitter verbally promised to pay each employee a portion of the proposed bonus,” wrote Judge Vince Chhabria. “And by refusing to pay Schobinger the promised bonus, Twitter violated that contract,” the judge said.

The social network can appeal the court’s decision.

Now owned by Elon Musk and renamed renowned advertisers.

The company is now worth less than half of the $44 billion Elon Musk paid in October 2022 to acquire it, according to internal documents sent to staff and reported by technology publication The Verge.

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