Emmanuel Macron’s pay slip made public at the request of a citizen

Emmanuel Macron’s salary amounted to 14,586.32 euros in January 2024. But more than the amount, it is the possibility of seeing the pay slip itself which is new.


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Emmanuel Macron in Brussels, April 18, 2024. (DURSUN AYDEMIR / ANADOLU / AFP)

The amount was already known, but this is the first time that the document proving it has been revealed. The Elysée released two pay slips for President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron, at the request of a former journalist, says Release Thursday May 16.

Former journalist Xavier Berne published two pay slips, for the months of December 2023 and January 2024, on the “Ma Dada” platform, which allows requests for administrative documents to be collected. Some lines of the forms are redacted, but the net amounts to be paid before tax are clearly displayed: 14,523.94 euros in December 2023, and 14,586.32 euros in January 2024.

Emmanuel Macron's pay slip for January 2024. (XAVIER BERNE)

These documents were in fact the subject of a legal fight since 2020, says Release. A teacher-researcher from the Observatory of Public Ethics had already requested access to these sheets, but was refused access by the Elysée.

However, Article 15 of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen specifies that “society has the right to demand an account from any public agent of its administration”and a 1978 law allows anyone to“obtain communication of documents held by an administration as part of its public service mission, whatever their form or medium”, explains the Ministry of the Economy. The researcher therefore brought this dispute before the administrative court, before receiving them two years later.

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