Emmanuel Macron “once again missed the expectations of farmers”, believes RN MP Laure Lavalette

The day after Emmanuel Macron’s tense visit to the Agricultural Show, RN deputy for Var Laure Lavalette judges that the announcement by the Head of State of the creation of floor prices “cannot be the only lever to ensure that farmers live better.



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Laure Lavalette, RN deputy for Var, guest of franceinfo on February 25, 2024 (FRANCEINFO / RADIO FRANCE)

“I am a little devastated, saddened by what I saw yesterday”explains the elected official about the clashes which took place at the Agricultural Show during Emmanuel Macron’s visit and the hasty organization of a debate with union delegations. “Emmanuel Macron arrived like a barker, rolling up his sleeves a little, trying to have a somewhat improvised debate. I think he has once again missed the expectations of farmers”believes Laure Lavalette, describing Emmanuel Macron as “good communicator but very bad president of the Republic”.

Emmanuel Macron took advantage of this trip to set the objective of being able to create “floor prices which will protect agricultural income”. Laure Lavalette recalls that last November, “when LFI asks to vote on floor prices, the entire majority of Emmanuel Macron voted against”, and that the Minister of Agriculture Marc Fesneau had judged “demago to put them in place”.

“Emmanuel Macron says everything and the opposite of everything. Everything and its opposite. On Monday, he is for floor prices, on Tuesday, he is no longer. Understand that the farmers are completely lost”, tackles the RN deputy. Saying that she is in favor of this provision, she nevertheless considers that “It cannot be the only lever to ensure that farmers live better. We absolutely obviously need a moratorium on free trade treaties which distort competition, which put our farmers in unfair competition.”

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