Emmanuel Macron “gave Vladimir Putin the spectacle of the division of Europeans”, denounces François-Xavier Bellamy

The President of the Republic reaffirmed on Saturday that ground operations in Ukraine by the West might be necessary “at some point”.



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François-Xavier Bellamy attends a plenary session at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, March 12, 2024. (FREDERICK FLORIN / AFP)

By raising the possibility of sending Western troops to Ukrainian soil, “Emmanuel Macron first gave Vladimir Putin the spectacle of the division of Europeans”, denounced François-Xavier Bellamy, head of the Les Républicains list in the next European elections, on franceinfo Monday March 18. The President of the Republic spoke again on the subject in an interview with Parisian Saturday, reaffirming that ground operations may be necessary “at one point”. These declarations sowed disorder among Paris’s allies, Germany in the lead, and aroused almost unanimous disapproval from the opposition in France.

This proposal to send ground troops to Ukraine is “quite irresponsible on the part of a head of state whose first responsibility is to guarantee the unity of Europe”, commented the head of the Les Républicains list. He believes that Emmanuel Macron is above all “expected to support Ukraine with equipment” and France is “very late”. François-Xavier Bellamy recalled that Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk had tweeted a few days ago “fewer words, more ammunition”.

Emmanuel Macron has “weakened the whole of Europe”

By brandishing a military doctrine on “strategic ambiguity”Emmanuel Macron “has weakened both France and its position, and Ukraine and its defense, and the whole of Europe”he believes. “He took on an immense responsibility. In reality, why? For a very simple reason that everyone sees clearly, unfortunately, to recreate a national political divide”affirmed François-Xavier Bellamy.

But according to him, the “unspeakable reality” that Emmanuel Macron “seeks to cover up with statements which, ultimately, are of no help to the Ukrainian forces on the ground”is that “France, today, is the 15th country donating ammunition, materials and equipment to the Ukrainian army”he continued.

Do not put Ukraine and Russia “on the same level”

During the launch of the La France insoumise campaign in Villepinte ahead of the European elections on Saturday, Jean-Luc Mélenchon affirmed that “peace is possible” with the outcome “mutual guarantees” for Ukraine and Russia. “Any position which consists of putting the two camps on the same level contributes to a form of absolutely indecent and dangerous relativism. Dangerous for Europe”, underlined the head of the list Les Républicains. According to him, the war will end “when Ukrainians want, decide, choose to negotiate peace on their terms”.

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