Emmanuel Macron calls for “truth” and “justice” after Israeli shooting on civilians during food aid distribution in Gaza

“In Gaza, the situation is dramatic,” reacted Emmanuel Macron on his X account, Friday March 1, after the death announced overnight by Hamas of more than 110 people during a food aid distribution in Gaza. If the circumstances must be clarified, the Israeli army admitted to having opened fire.

This event sparked indignation within the international community and calls to establish the truth. The French president thus expressed his “stronger disapproval of these shots”asking “the truth” And “Justice”, while the United States demanded from Israel “some answers”. The head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, denounced on “new carnage” and deaths “totally unacceptable”. The UN Security Council met urgently behind closed doors. Follow our live stream.

The hope of a truce is diminishing. There will be no “probably” no truce between now and Monday, said Joe Biden, after saying at the start of the week that he hoped for a ceasefire by March 4. Asked whether he believed that the killings during the food distribution would have an impact on negotiations for a ceasefire, the American president replied: “I know it will.”

A call to protect Palestinian journalists in Gaza. More than 30 international media outlets, including the world’s leading news agencies, on Thursday expressed solidarity with Palestinian journalists working in extreme difficulties in Gaza, and called on Israeli authorities to “protect them”.

An extremely heavy toll from the war. The Pentagon estimated Thursday that “more than 25,000” Palestinian women and children had been killed since the start of the war in Gaza. For its part, the Gaza Ministry of Health announced the death of “more than 30,000” people since October 7.

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