Emmanuel Macron calls for respect for Gerard Depardieu in “C à vous”, François Hollande responds to him

A “manhunt” denounced by Emmanuel Macron. Passing on the set of C to you

(France 5) Wednesday December 20, 2023, Emmanuel Macron was questioned about Gérard Depardieu and the serious accusations weighing on the actor.

“One thing you’ll never see me in is manhunts. I hate it,” he said of the man accused of rape and sexual assault.

After explaining that he was a “great admirer”, the head of state also considered that Gérard Depardieu “made France, our great authors, our great characters known throughout the world”.

“He makes France proud,” he added while the Minister of Culture, Rima Abdul Malak, announced on France 5 that a “disciplinary procedure” would be initiated by the Grand Chancellery of the Legion of Honor against the star movies.

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“No, we are not proud of Gérard Depardieu”

Morning guest France Inter the day after Emmanuel Macron’s appearance on the talk show, former President of the Republic François Hollande made it known that he did not agree with his successor’s comments.

“He had a formula: ‘We are all proud of Gérard Depardieu’. When, looking at a young girl barely 12 years old riding a horse, he sexualizes her. No, we are not proud. And what the Legion of Honor should be for all those who receive it is pride because it is an action accomplished in the service of the general interest.he said in front of Léa Salamé, referring to the images revealed by Further investigation. Words from the President of the Republic which have certainly not finished causing the political class to react…


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