Elodie Gossuin unleashed with her 4 children: Jules and Rose are almost as tall as her!

Always so in love with her husband, Elodie Gossuin has not forgotten her Bertrand, with whom she even took the opportunity to exchange a few kisses in the middle of a concert! Radiant, she then posted a cute photo of the family hugging each other. And the detail that we immediately notice… is of course the size of the two oldest in the family: Jules and Rose, who inherited their dad’s chestnut hair, seem huge!

The teenagers are indeed almost as tall as their father, who holds them by the neck and is only a few centimeters taller than his elders. Both in pink t-shirts and shorts, the twins are in any case a carbon copy of each other … just like Joséphine and Léonard, who look a lot like their mother.

The youngest of the family, blond like the ex-beauty queen, seem more shy but delighted to share all this with their family for the first time. And we can notice that they are also growing visibly: if we observe them well, we notice that they are much bigger than on the last photo posted of the entire clan by their mother in April.

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