Elodie Gossuin, tall and soon overwhelmed by her twins who have changed a lot!

For several years, Elodie Gossuin has been in the spotlight. After winning the Miss France scarf in the early 2000s, the pretty blonde chained projects in countless media. For a long time, the main interested party distinguished herself on the airwaves of RFM. Wanting to take advantage of her own, she decided to slow down to the chagrin of the listeners.

“It was a necessary decision for my family and for me. I’ve been getting up between 3 and 4 a.m. for seven years, doing other professional activities and my second day as a mom,” she revealed in the columns of Parisian. That his admirers are reassured, Elodie Gossuin has promised to flourish in other areas.

“I feel the need to breathe a little, to also resume actions with Unicef ​​of which I am godmother”, she said and to specify: “And above all to put my family back at the center of my life… and to make my mother rejoice, by dropping off my children in front of the school door and shouting ‘I love you!’ I also had some health problems this year, so I have to take care of myself a bit”.

In the city, the ex-protégé of Geneviève de Fontenay is the happy mother of four children: Rose, Jules, Léonard and Joséphine born from her love affair with Bertrand Lacherie. This summer, the star and her clan have decided to take advantage of the southwest of France. Every day they find countless activities to do. Being very close to her followers, Elodie Gossuin immortalizes all their daily life on the Web. Recently, they took up paddleboarding! Obviously, everyone loved the activity. Adorned with a swimsuit and a life jacket, the host and her family let it be known that it was a total blast! And in any case, her four children are on the verge of overtaking her. The proof in pictures…


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