Élisabeth Borne receives the majority to talk about the 2024 parliamentary agenda

The Prime Minister receives parliamentarians from the Renaissance, Modem and Horizons groups. A series of dinners is scheduled for Tuesday evening to outline the agenda for the coming months.



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Prime Minister, Elisabeth Borne, on November 15, 2023, at the Elysée Palace in Paris.  (THOMAS PADILLA / MAXPPP)

Élisabeth Borne invites the majority deputies to dinner. Half of the Renaissance group will meet on Tuesday November 28 in the evening at Matignon and the second half will meet on Wednesday evening. Two sessions, just to exchange more easily than during a dinner with 170 people at the table. Élisabeth Borne will continue Thursday evening with the Modem group and Tuesday December 5 with the Horizons deputies. Then it will be the turn of the majority senators.

There is no predefined agenda for these meetings, but the immigration law risks being invited into these dinners because it is the urgency of the moment, even if the Prime Minister’s objective is It is above all to draw up the agenda for the coming months. Parliamentarians are demanding a course for 2024: “It’s eagerly awaited, because we don’t know where we’re going in January”, we admit to the Renaissance group. Élisabeth Borne intends to remedy this. The head of government also wants to remobilize the troops, the budgetary sequence of 49.3 having a side “disempowering” for deputies admits a relative. These exchanges with parliamentarians will also be an opportunity for her to receive direct feedback from the field.

Élisabeth Borne plans to move to Matignon

“She is campaigning to remain Prime Minister”, Some people have fun in the majority. As almost every six months since the appointment of Élisabeth Borne, there are supporters of a change of tenant in Matignon. This time the argument is “restore breath” to the executive before the European campaign. Others consider, on the contrary, that it is after a possible “jacket” to the Europeans that everything will have to change. By outlining a horizon for parliamentarians, Élisabeth Borne shows in any case that she sees herself still remaining in her post. “She is coming of age” sweeps away those around him, who say they feel less pressure from change than last July.

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