Elisabeth Borne “no longer understands” certain positions of the League for Human Rights, questioned by Gérald Darmanin a week ago

The Prime Minister was questioned on the remarks of the Minister of the Interior, during questions to the government in the Senate, on Wednesday.

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Elisabeth Borne on March 29, 2023 during a session of questions to the government in the hemicycle of the Senate.  (XOSE BOUZAS / HANS LUCAS / AFP)

Despite the “respect” that it brings to the League for Human Rights (LDH) “incarnated”Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne declared, during questions to the government in the Senate, on Wednesday April 12, that she no longer understood “some of his positions”. Nevertheless, she asserts that it is not “no question of lowering the subsidy of such and such in principle”. She was questioned about remarks by the Minister of the Interior which sparked a controversy over this emblematic and historic association, founded in 1898.

Heard about his management of the maintenance of order during the demonstrations against the pension reform and during the rally against the “mega-basin” of Sainte-Soline (Deux-Sèvres), on April 5, Gérald Darmanin wondered about THE “shares” carried out by the LDH in this context and on the subsidies granted to it by the State. In a petition published on Tuesday, on the newspaper’s website Humanity1,000 personalities support the LDH.

“Like other associative actors, the League of Human Rights plays its role by observing, criticizing and demanding responses from public actors when the State is questioned, we listen and we take it into account”also said Elisabeth Borne.

“This misunderstanding is not new, it emerged in its ambiguities in the face of radical Islamism and it has been reinforced for a few months”she pointed out, recalling that the LDH had recently “challenged an order prohibiting the transport of weapons by destination to Sainte-Soline” (Two Sevres).

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