“Elements that smell a little like mothballs”, tackles the general secretary of the CFDT Marylise Léon

The CFDT confirms its participation in the eight-week consultation announced by the Prime Minister in order to achieve concrete measures. The union boss regrets the “announcement effects”.


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Marylise Léon, general secretary of the CFDT, was the guest of the "8:30 a.m." from franceinfo, Friday April 19, 2024. (FRANCEINFO / RADIOFRANCE)

“Surge of authority”, “general mobilization”, “the Republic strikes back”… Gabriel Attal defended his results for his hundredth day in Matignon on Thursday April 18 and announced a rapid response from his government against youth violence during a speech in Viry-Châtillon (Essonne). “There have been a lot of announcements, a lot of communication, relatively few actions, so we are still waiting for things that are a little more concrete”reacted the general secretary of the CFDT, Marylise Léon, Friday April 19 on franceinfo.

“It’s extremely important that we can tackle these issues”estimated the boss of the first French union who confirmed the participation of the CFDT in the eight-week consultation announced by the Prime Minister in order to achieve concrete measures. “What I regret is that during the 100 days, there were a lot of announcement effects, a lot of announcements made without even prior information to the personnel concerned”declared Marylise Léon who pleads for a “different method”.

Teachers tired of announcements

On education, these are “elements which are more reheated or which smell a little like mothballs”she tackled, citing the case of “establishment contracts” which already exist, according to her. The one who was Minister of Education until January advocated on Thursday the signing by parents, at each start of the school year, of a “contract of rights and obligations”Who “could open to sanctions” particularly in case “obvious lack of attendance” Or “non-participation of parents in the education of their children”. “We expect more concrete actions, a little novelty and a little more innovation from him”launched Marylise Léon.

The number one of the reformist union pointed out “teacher fatigue” notably “because the announcements that are made are either things that already exist, or they are things that have already been tested or abandoned”. The reason, according to her, is the lack of resources in National Education. “And there is no answer to that.”she regretted.

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