“Eight months they have been forced to hide”, friend of Stéphane Plaza, he makes huge revelations about the host’s love life in “TPMP”

He loudly proclaimed his innocence for months, but the courts decided otherwise. This Thursday March 14, 2024, after nearly 48 hours in police custodyStéphane Plaza was referred to the Paris judicial court, which ordered an indictment for “habitual violence against spouses”placement under judicial supervision with a ban on contact with the complainants, and a trial set for the summer of 2024. In Do not touch My TV this Friday, unsurprisingly, Cyril Hanouna returned to the new twists and turns in the Stéphane Plaza affair. To do this, he received Tony the Corsican, a man who claims to be friends with several French personalitiesand who declared himself close to the host of M6.

Without necessarily having obtained the agreement of his friend Stéphane Plaza, Tony the Corsican made unprecedented revelations about the latter’s love life. He notably claimed that he was in a relationship again, with a very important wealthy womanwith which he would be forced to hide “for eight months”even though the affair broke out at the end of September: “His partner, it was I who introduced them, they had contact thanks to me. They have been together for eight months. I recently ate with her at a restaurant. She was forced to privatize the restaurant on the second floor. They’ve been forced to hide for eight months. She is a high-end woman, she is independent (…) They are very good together. They are forced to hide following this affair” said the speaker.

Valérie Bénaïm takes offense and reframes it

Tony the Corsican wanted to defend his friend, without even knowing the elements of the file which overwhelm himand even though he does not live with him on a daily basis: “I know Stéphane, he came to Corsica several times. I knew his companions, who were in Corsica. There was never anything like what people are saying.” Comments which upset Valérie Bénaïm, who wanted to reframe the guest, rightly reminding him that he did not have the right to annihilate the words of alleged victims, on the grounds of having never seen anything : “No, but you can’t know. Nothing prejudges. I don’t prejudge guilt, but we don’t know what’s going on in people’s lives.”
Cyril Hanouna approved the clarification of his columnist, indicating that if Stéphane Plaza remained presumed innocent, the words of the victims should not however be singled out.

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