egg sales are up sharply



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C. Guyon, J. Lonchampt, E. Prigent B. Millaud, L. Barbie – France 3

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With inflation and the rise in the price of meat, the French are turning to animal proteins, such as eggs. Those from hens raised on the floor, the least expensive, sell the best.

In stores, due to the high cost of meat, many prefer to turn to eggs, the average price of which has increased by 15% to 20% in recent months. The cheapest eggs, from free-range hens, are experiencing the strongest growth, with an increase in sales of 187%. Free-range eggs saw their sales increase by 19%, compared to 4% for organic eggs.

This phenomenon of increased egg consumption had already been observed during an inflation in 2008. “It’s really a way for consumers to pay less for their plate, by continuing to have animal protein“, explains Pascale Hebel, partner at C-Ways, consumer specialist. More and more French people prefer eggs and cheese rather than meat.

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