Edouard Baer accused by six women of harassment and sexual assault in an investigation by Mediapart and Cheek

The actor says he “does not recognize himself in the words or gestures” which are “attributed” to him in a written statement sent to the two editorial offices.


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Actor Edouard Baer in Cannes, May 14, 2019. (ALBERTO PIZZOLI / AFP)

Six women accuse actor Edouard Baer of “harassment and sexual assault”. Aged around twenty years at the time of the events, eThey testify anonymously in a joint investigation by Mediapart and Cheek, online feminist media, published Thursday May 23. None filed a complaint, specify the two media outlets. According to them, “they tell the story of acts of harassment and sexual assault over a period spanning from 2013 to 2021 (…) mainly in professional contexts” in his Paris office, at the theater, at Radio Nova or at the Maison de la Radio in Paris.

According to the story of one of them, Edouard Baer took his “left breast with his hand” in an elevator. Another accuses the actor of having touched her “breasts repeatedly”to see her “taken by the waist” and to have “put his hand on [s]your butt”. “He tries to kiss me on the neck and on the mouth. I push him away”, according to his comments reported from another. Some mention repeated requests and compliments on their physique. One explains that she did not file a complaint because she thought it would be “his word against [s]ienne”.

“It is with amazement and great sadness that I discover the testimonies that you bring to mereacted Edouard Baer, ​​in a written statement sent to Mediapart and Cheek. I do not recognize myself in the words or gestures attributed to me, but I can only express my regret that my behavior made these women uncomfortable or hurt.” The actor says to himself “deeply sorry.” “I never tried to intentionally hurt themhe continues. I apologize to them all.”.

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