EDITORIAL. Why does Gérald Darmanin play low profile?

Still omnipresent at the start of the year, the Minister of the Interior, focused on the organization of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, is currently more discreet.


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Minister of the Interior and Overseas Gérald Darmanin during a meeting between the French government and senior government officials in Paris, March 12, 2024. (LUDOVIC MARIN / POOL / MAXPPP)

Among the government’s heavyweights, there is one who is remaining discreet during this spring of 2024, it is Gérald Darmanin. The Minister of the Interior has bought himself a ride. He plays the good student, his finger on the seam of his pants and we have to admit that we weren’t used to it. Even some of his government colleagues are surprised. In January, he almost renamed himself at Place Beauvau by dealing directly with Emmanuel Macron, a way of snubbing Gabriel Attal, the young man who arrived at Matignon. Within the government of Élisabeth Borne, Gérald Darmanin was in trouble and went far beyond his scope to intervene on almost all subjects. Last summer, he even pushed hard to try to succeed him at Matignon.

If Gérald Darmanin has returned to the ranks, it is firstly because he emerged exhausted from the tumultuous sequence of the immigration law in December. Clashed with part of the Renaissance group, he became the head of Turk of the LR deputies and the leading tandem Éric Ciotti-Olivier Marleix, who had the feeling of having been fooled. Then because within the government, the position of good student is vacant. Bruno Le Maire took on the role of strong head by sounding the alarm on public deficits. His anxiety-provoking speech even ended up angering the Élysée. As for Gabriel Attal, he freed himself a little quickly from the tutelage of his superior. Gérald Darmanin can therefore be loyal for two, and even for three. And take care to cultivate your direct link with Emmanuel Macron. So loyal that he will even hold a few public meetings in support of the head of the European majority list, Valérie Hayer.

Focused on the Olympic and Paralympic Games

The Minister of the Interior has a capital mission, the Olympics of course. Gérald Darmanin wants to show that he is entirely focused on this objective. He knows that he will be judged on the smooth running of the event and that a good part of his political future depends on it. He was also traveling on Monday April 22 to Morocco to praise the effectiveness of Franco-Moroccan cooperation in the fight against terrorism in the run-up to the Games. According to his supporters, the Minister of the Interior has only one date in mind, July 26, the day of the opening ceremony. And in no case, the presidential election of 2027. Finally, by dint of being zealous, it also happens that good students end up seeming like slightly suspicious beanbags.

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