Eddy Mitchell: The day he slapped Johnny Hallyday “very pissed off”, his revelations

Between Eddy Mitchell and Johnny Hallyday, it was a great story of friendship. More than friends, the two artists were linked like brothers.

In a format entitled “Le Dico de ma vie” published in The Sunday newspaper (JDD) this Sunday, July 31, Eddy Mitchell spoke at length about his relationship with his longtime friend Johnny Hallyday. “I was lucky to have a friend with whom I shared fifty-nine years of friendship. I imagine that this kind of relationship is quite rare, whatever the profession exercised or the background of each”said the rocker who celebrated his 80th birthday on July 3.

Eddy Mitchell gave “a slap” to Eddy Mitchell

It was at the end of the 1950s that Claude Moine alias Eddy Mitchell and Johnny Hallyday alias Jean-Philippe Smet met for the first time. They were attending a surprise party organized near Place de la Trinité in the 9th arrondissement of Paris. But this first meeting between these future great artists went very badly, as the first Eddy Mitchell told the JDD : “A few hours later, when I decide to go home, I want to get the famous vinyls back. And there, nothing more, no matter how much I look for them everywhere, they cannot be found. Very upset, I run down the stairs of the building, Perhaps thinking I saw my thief running. When I got downstairs, I saw a fanatic talking with the concierge. He handed her my records, saying: “Could you keep them for me? I’ll pick them up tomorrow.” The 80-year-old rocker even remembered literally losing his cool at the time: “Immediately, I throw myself on my possessions and strike a slap (well deserved) to the pilferer. Despite his act of disbelief, he has rather good taste. by Jean-Philippe Smet. He profusely apologizes and continues on the fact that he is also a fan of rock and roll, which is far from common at this time. Thank you rock’n’roll!

Even if the death of Johnny Hallyday in December 2017 was a huge shock for Eddy Mitchell, the godfather of Laura Smet will always carry his friend in his heart. I have always considered Johnny a member of my family and I often think of him.”he concluded.

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