Driving license at 17: a measure to fight against isolation?


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Elisabeth Borne announced on Tuesday June 20 that it would be possible to obtain the permit at 17 from 2024. This should allow the youngest, in particular apprentices, to be independent. In the Hérault, in Frontignan, the news delights the youth.

When you live in Frontignan (Hérault), you often have to take the car to get to Sète or Montpellier. The license at 17 is rather well received. “To findr work, it’s much simpler”, details a resident. “I would have liked to pass the license at 17 (…), that would have suited me”, continues another young riparian.

Road accidents are the leading cause of death among young people

Road accidents are the leading cause of death for 18/24 year olds. In a driving school, the instructor is worried about this decision. “We do not realize the danger. Ils don’t realize. The kid is not ready, not mature”, she explains.

At the local youth integration mission, the problem of mobility is well known. In particular, they provided bicycles or scooters. But there are other obstacles. “The permit is interesting, if it is accompanied by measureare financial to pay the license, and acquire a vehicleTHE”, notes Mohamed El Asrideputy director of the local mission of Thau.

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