Double play on Crave | A police comedy by Rachid Badouri and Mehdi Bousaidan in filming

(Montreal) Filming began Tuesday for a new police comedy imagined by comedians Rachid Badouri and Mehdi Bousaidan, which should be broadcast on the Crave platform in 2025.

Double-dealing will feature two amateur actors of North African origin (Badouri and Bousaidan) who usually play characters at the police academy, but who are hired to infiltrate the world of organized crime.

Josée Deschênes, Fabien Cloutier, Maxime de Cotret, Martin Drainville, Catherine Bérubé and Douaa Kachache are in the cast of this brand new series.


Mehdi Bousaidan

The different episodic characters who gravitate in the universe of these two “false criminals” will be played by Sandrine Bisson, Chantal Baril, Catherine Brunet, Deano Clavet, Noé Lira, Elise Guilbault, Eric Hoziel and Martin-David Peters.

The series of 12 30-minute episodes is written by Jean-François Léger (Survive your children) and Daniel Gagnon (Happiness), and will be directed by Stéphane Moukarzel (Fir$ at the cinema) and Frédéric Nassif (Between two sheets).

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