Domestic violence: A mother cries from the heart on Facebook

A mother turns to social networks to make a cry from the heart and denounce the savage attack of which her daughter was allegedly the victim in a marital context, a few days ago, from a man who is now facing serious accusations.

“I didn’t recognize my own daughter when I arrived at the hospital. There has to be justice somewhere,” lamented Juli Choinière, mother of Laury Choinière, in a sad message published on Facebook, Wednesday evening, in connection with the domestic violence of which her daughter was allegedly the victim at the hands of of her ex-spouse, Yan-Philippe Leduc.

In this same publication, the Bromont resident notably attached two photos of the swollen face of her daughter, unrecognizable, lying in a hospital bed.

“We always think it just happens to other people or on TV. But when the phone rings at 5:30 a.m. and you see your daughter on FaceTime, your heart stops,” wrote Mme Choinière in a second publication.

Photo taken from Juli Choinière’s Facebook

Significant injuries

In fact, the Longueuil Agglomeration Police Service (SPAL) was called to intervene on Colomb Avenue, in Brossard, on December 30.

“A young woman in her twenties was transported to a hospital and had suffered significant injuries to her upper body,” confirms agent François Boucher, from SPAL. However, we did not fear for his life.”

According to our information, the victim was indeed Laury Choinière. The latter has since thanked her loved ones on social networks.

“This is officially the most difficult time of my entire life, this trauma will stay forever,” she commented on Facebook. I’m going slowly up the coast for the moment.”

As for the suspect, Yan-Philippe Leduc, 27, he was arrested on site.

domestic violence

Yan-Philippe Leduc, accused.

Photo taken from Yan-Philippe Leduc’s Facebook

The private trainer from Brossard faces several charges, including assault causing injury, assault by choking, false imprisonment and breach of conditions.

The charges relate to the recent event as well as another violent event that occurred against his alleged victim on December 10.

A repeat offender?

However, Leduc would not be his first attacks against a woman.

In February 2022, among other things, he was sentenced to three years of probation, community service and two years of supervision for a summary charge of threats and assault, also in a domestic context.

Then, Leduc already received one year’s probation for failing to comply with an order, in a similar context.

In addition, a crowdfunding campaign was launched to help his victim.

“For several months now, my friend has been the victim of domestic violence. [Dans la nuit du 30] December, the worst happened and she was savagely disfigured and almost killed by her partner who is currently awaiting trial. We hope that justice will be done because unfortunately this is not his only victim,” wrote Kellyann Dumont, friend of the victim.

“I want to help my friend […] to take control of your life and take the time to recover emotionally, mentally and physically without financial stress,” she also wrote.

Detained, Leduc must return to court on January 10 to undergo his release investigation.

Other charges could potentially be brought against him.

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