Do not get on your nerves (or the package)!

We had to wait until the last image, Thursday evening, to solve the most titillating mystery of If we still loved each other à TVA: Will Pierre get his famous bidet, which his wife Nathalie hated and for which she refused to spend a single penny? The answer ? No, no “ass-washing” toilet, according to Nathalie, for our 56-year-old cook.

But Pierre and Nathalie got much more than a “high-end” plumbing item during their TV appearance. They saved their couple from shipwreck, which is worth more than any bathroom renovation, I write this without any sarcasm, yes, it happens to me sometimes.

Because Pierre and Nathalie’s adventure in therapist Louise Sigouin’s office began six weeks ago in the form of a car accident, let’s not be afraid of words. Nathalie, 50, yelped like a little chihuahua, which she learned to put away in her bag, thank you.

This accountant allergic to softness complained that her husband hadn’t wanted her for 32 years, she belittled him, humiliated him, nabbed him constantly and “snatched the packet” from him to show his sexual appetite.

Then, over the course of their tantrism, alpaca petting and outdoor tai-chi workshops, Nathalie and Pierre reconnected. And before our eyes, their complicity has blossomed again, it sounds esoteric-boboche written that way, but it’s 100% true. Nathalie collects her pay (understand: a sexual relationship), Pierre expresses himself more (especially in his diary) and the two spouses will live the van life with the good dog Hector, of course. The grandpa has become a prince!

For the first time in four seasons, including three regulars and a drifting couples special, If we loved each other ended in harmony and hope.


Janie and Lee

The four pivotal couples who consulted Louise Sigouin did not explode, on the contrary. That Lee, 43, and Janie, 40, didn’t break is a miracle, let’s pray the five dualities, lord.

The depression, the smoking of hashish, the primal scream on the cottage patio, the artwork smeared in black, life in the bachelorseriously, Lee was sinking before our eyes, but the priestess Louise Sigouin saved him from drowning.

Well, Lee and Janie’s move into the same bedroom isn’t on the schedule, we’re moving slowly and carefully. The fact remains that we would never have imagined, after the first two weeks of broadcasting, that Lee and Janie would sing Bohemian Rhapsody in a red Honda smiling toothily.

This is what emerges happily from If we still loved each other : progress. Week after week, we have witnessed the improvement of the love life of the eight protagonists, which has not always been the case in the previous chapters.

The last week, that of the balance sheets, was even touching to watch.

The formula of If we still loved each other allows you to explore the issues in depth and it does not force things, as we have seen in the past, where incompatible singles had to go on a trip to the end of hell or live together in the same Shop Angus condo. It was great for discomfort, not so much for domestic fulfillment.


Louise Sigouin, Emily Bégin and Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge

With her 2023 volunteers, expert Louise Sigouin even discussed possible separations, if ever the pieces of the broken pot no longer stick together. And she was good not to get on her nerves more, our good Louise, especially when Lee and Jeremy were barely forming complete sentences while growling in front of her. It felt like shaking them, wake up, your families are falling apart!

Here again, Louise Sigouin’s patience and support were lifesaving for Emmanuelle, 34, and Jérémie, 28, who are raising six children together. They pissed off in front of the cameras, said hurtful things to each other (take out the necklace of bells) and managed to avoid the break-up of their relationship.

There was something moving in seeing Lee and Jérémie, two men unaccustomed to communicating their emotions, saying they were proud of the work they had accomplished.

The same goes for Alexandre, 35, and Gilles, 33, who also came close to divorce and who reconnected the thread of their complicity with four-wheel drives in the woods, fondue dinners at a restaurant, observation of river and paintings executed with elements of nature. Really, their evolution has been beautiful to follow.

Are all these couples of If we still loved each other survive their television experience? Maybe not. At least they will have tried. And they learned the basics of vision board making, the good old vision board.

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