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The Senate renews half of its seats on Sunday. Franceinfo invites you to discover the electoral results throughout the day in the 45 constituencies concerned.

Like every three years, almost half of the Senate is renewed. In total, 170 seats of the 348 seats that make up the upper house of Parliament are up for grabs on Sunday, September 24. In this indirect election, it is not the citizens who vote, but the electors. There are 78,000 of them, mainly designated within municipal councils, to be called to the polls. The election takes place in 45 constituencies: 38 departments of France and six overseas territories, to which is added a constituency for French people abroad.

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With the exception of a short socialist interlude between 2011 and 2014, the right has always dominated the Luxembourg Palace. Barring any surprises, the major political balances in the upper house should not be upset: the Republicans and their allies in the centrist Union should retain their majority.

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For the presidential majority, the vote promises to be delicate due to the poor results obtained in the 2020 municipal elections, which reinforced the establishment of traditional parties. The left-wing parties hope to win the nine additional seats which would allow them to reach the bar of 100 senators. The National Rally dreams of making its return to the Senate. But, due to lack of good results in last municipal elections, the far-right party has little chance of obtaining the quota of ten senators necessary to form a group.

Find the results, throughout the day, in the map below. It shows newly elected or re-elected senators for the next six years.

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Half of the Senate seats are renewed every three years.



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