Discover all the backstage of the semi-final of the UBB will go Montpellier in Top 14

A path that has not been a long calm river since it was born from the union of the two historic clubs Stade Bordelais and Club Athlétique Bègles Bordeaux Gironde. Two rival clubs for 100 years who could not settle permanently in the very high level.

CABBG in federal 1 and Stade Bordelais in Prod D2

It should be remembered that CABBG was precipitated into Pro D2 at the end of the 2002-2003 season, then into Federal 1, while Stade Bordelais, for its part, took the opposite path and reached Pro D2. And this crossover could have lasted a long time without this union sealed in 2006. For Julien Seron, Union scrum-half from 2010 to 2013, it is the work of President Laurent Marti that bears fruit.

I think it was anticipated because Laurent created this emulation and this project which was destined to succeed. Because he has put in place a structure at all levels of the club, for this club to grow and succeed. And if it is there today, it is not the result of chance, but simply of work, of the construction of a project which is today and is reaching maturity. They are within the objectives he had set for himself over ten years. There has been a perpetual evolution so it’s a long-term job – Julien Seron

Julien Seron with the UBB shirt against Stade Français © Maxppp
Federico Pestellini/MAXPPP TEAMSHOOT

Bordeaux has everything to become a world leader

The club has therefore been building slowly but surely for more than 15 years and this second consecutive final should not be seen as the end of the road but as a stage, as another architect of the 2011 climb, Hugh Chalmers, third UBB line from 2008 to 2018

It’s a progression of the club since its formation in 2006. We went up eleven years ago, we see that it takes time to reach this step where we start to play the semi-finals, maybe a final and who knows how to win the Brennus too! Winning a title is good, but you mustn’t disappear afterwards. You have to settle at the top of rugby and I think that, knowing the city of Bordeaux, knowing the means, they really have everything it takes to become a world leader – Hugh Chalmers

Popular enthusiasm is the icing on the cake!

And in addition, this sporting development is accompanied by tremendous popular success! Bordeaux fairly regularly approaches the 30,000-person mark and can boast of having the largest audience in Europe for several years. A possible success thanks to the infrastructures says Julien Seron

we started to feel this enthusiasm between 2010 and 2013. In my last year, I think we had as many matches at Chaban as at Musard and it’s true that when you go from 5,000 to 30,000 people it’s not is not the same. There’s an atmosphere, a vibe, there’s a fervor that’s been really fabulous. The development of the club has also been done by these structural means that Laurent Marti, once again, has managed to put in place so that this team can play in front of so many people and that behind, the results also necessarily follow. In the development of the club, it was essential to have to change stadiums and move to Chaban – Julien Seron

A title to continue building. This is certainly what Laurent Marti, Christophe Urios, all the staff and players are calling for. The public will also push tonight so that the Union can reach the final of the Top 14 and allow Christophe Urios to find his former club Castres! Meet at 8:00 p.m. for behind the scenes of the match and at 9:05 p.m. for the UBB Montpellier kick-off.

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