disappointment in the Ukrainian camp after the rapid end of the mutiny



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The rapid end of the Wagner mutiny caused disappointment among Ukrainians, but also fear that the bombardment would intensify. The point, Sunday June 25, with Alban Mikoczy, in duplex of Zaporijjia, in Ukraine.

How did the Ukrainians react to the rebellion of the Wagner militia, Friday, June 23, quickly aborted? “Ihe mutiny did not last enough long to disorganize completely THE positions of the Russian army in the occupied part of southern and eastern Ukraine. The only territorial gains of the Ukrainian army in the last 24 hours are around 30 of kkilometers from Zaporizhia (Ukraine)but it is only of a few hundred meters deep. There were no major territorial gains”, says Alban Mikoczy.

Ukrainians “a little worried”

Ukrainians fear that the government Russian takes the opportunity to massively bomb the Ukraine to regain some prestige and to force. In the night from Saturday June 24, very violent explosions took place in Zaporijjia. Ukrainians are very observant, eyou a little worried”, concludes the journalist.

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