Did James Denton finally get to dance in prime 3 of “Dancing with the Stars”? (SPOILER)

International star of the cast of season 13 of Dance with the stars, James Denton has had a lot of problems since he started rehearsals. In fact, a fortnight ago, the American actor revealed by the series Desperate Housewives
was seriously injured during a warm-up with his partner Candice Pascal. The result was clear and indicated a tear of the hamstring. In theory, this injury requires at least four to six weeks of rest, but the production of DALS has been doing everything for two weeks to get the sixty-year-old actor back on his feet as quickly as possible.

This Saturday, February 24, 2024, the third recorded bonus of Dancing with the Stars was filmed. The twelve personalities in the cast all danced, and at the end of this bonus, one of them was eliminated. But then, was James Denton finally able to dance, or were there only eleven who took to the floor? We have the answer ! Indeed, according to exclusive information from Audience, James Denton and Candice Pascal were finally able to set foot on the floor of Dance with the stars, and were judged by Mel Charlot, Fauve Hautot, Jean-Marc Généreux and Chris Marques in the same way as all the other candidates. However, to compensate for the absence of notes on the first dance, the points for this dance were doubled, so that the general ranking is consistent.

Caroline Margeridon, Coeur de Pirate, Diane Leyre and Cristina Cordula in danger

At the end of this third bonus, which will not be broadcast this Friday March 1, 2024 due to the Enfoirés concert but on March 8, a candidate will be eliminated. Who will be the first eliminated from season 13, and will join David Douillet, Lââm, Liane Foly, Carla Ginola, Vincent Cerutti, Olivier Minne, Djibril Cissé, Élisa Tovati, Noémie Lenoir, Christophe Dominici, Cédric Pioline and André Manoukian among the personalities eliminated first? For now, the ranking is as follows, but will inevitably be shaken up: Keiona (33 points), Inès Reg (30 points), Natasha St-Pier (29 points), Nico Capone and Roman Doduik (28 points), Black M (26 points), Adeline Tonuiti (25 points), Diane Leyre (23 points), Cristina Cordula (22 points), Coeur de Pirate (19 points) and Caroline Margeridon (16 points).

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