Did Camille Combal also just spoil “Dancing with the Stars”? The story that risks annoying TF1

Spoilers continue… Since February 16, 2024, TF1 has been broadcasting the 13th season of
Dance with the stars
. The first four bonuses of the season have been recorded, and the live broadcast will not begin until March 22. In doing so, the stories broadcast by the candidates and the Dancing with the Stars teams reveal some elements of response to the next twists and turns that have already been planned. This Friday March 1, 2024, while the show will not be broadcast due to the retransmission of the Enfoirés concert, the fourth bonus will be filmed at studio 217 in Plaine Saint-Denis. Issue : Camille Combal seems to have said a little too much !

Indeed, in his Instagram story, the host saw fit to relay a video in which all the competing couples appear… But there is a catch! In fact, last Friday saw the third bonus of DALS, which has still not been broadcast, and which will only be available on TF1 on March 8. At the end of this bonus, a personality was eliminated. If his identity is currently confidential, the host seems to have accidentally revealed it. The video features comedian Roman Doduik, Miss France Diane Leyre, drag queen Keiona, singer Black M, comedian Inès Reg, singers Natasha St-Pier and Cœur de Pirate, host Cristina Cordula, the American actor James Denton or the singing teacher
star Academy
But professional buyer and businesswoman Caroline Margeridon is missing !

Keiona also spoiled…

A few days ago already, Keiona had made a mistake from which he immediately cleared himself by claiming that the story he had published was truncated. The winner of Drag Race France had seen fit to reveal the photos of the candidates still in the running, and in which he appeared alongside Maxime Dereymez. However, the photo of Caroline Margeridon and that of her partner Christian Millette were once again missing. The outcome of the third bonus of Dance with the stars therefore seems already known, and it is not the fault of the spectators or the journalists… TF1 will have to crack down so that the candidates, the jurors and the host himself manage to moderate their stories!

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