despite disagreements, some trade unionists will not have bad memories of Elisabeth Borne

In terms of form, union organizations have rarely been so complimentary to a tenant of Matignon, saluting a Prime Minister who mastered her files and was accessible for discussion.



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Elisabeth Borne on October 16, 2023 at a CESE social conference.  (MIGUEL MEDINA / POOL / AFP)

End clap for Elisabeth Borne. The Prime Minister resigned on Monday January 8, although she wanted to continue, if we read between the lines of the letter addressed to Emmanuel Macron where the former Prime Minister, who manages current affairs while the name of his or her successor is announced, writing in particular: “Mr. President of the Republic, you have informed me of your desire to appoint a new Prime Minister (…) While I must present the resignation of my government, I wanted to tell you how much I have been passionate about this mission.”

In Elisabeth Borne’s assessment at Matignon, we will note among other things the unpopular pension reform, which crystallized union opposition for four months and ended up being adopted with a 49.3. And yet, some unionists will not keep a bad image of the Prime Minister.

Files, SMS and phone calls

In terms of form, union organizations have rarely been so complimentary towards a tenant of Matignon. She mastered her files perfectly, communicated willingly by SMS, and did not hesitate to telephone the social partners directly, they say.

The former boss of the RATP had experience of social dialogue, and personally knew the leaders of the unions having worked with them when she was Minister of Labor. So despite a pension reform adopted after 13 days of strike and demonstration, the boss of the CFE-CGC, François Hommeril says it: he will regret it. “What is good about Elisabeth Borne is that she is not looking for a particularly flashy communication to be able to be seen well, who from the Elysée Palace, who from opinion, and to be able to advance his career.”

“At least when we talk with her, we talk to the heart of the issues.”

François Hommeril, confederal president of the CFE-CGC

at franceinfo

She had little room for maneuver, regrets the union leader. She had barely obtained the possibility of organizing a three-month consultation with the social partners on pensions, when the Elysée had not planned to involve those whom Emmanuel Macron nicknamed the “intermediate bodies”.

And this is also the message of the CGT: Elisabeth Borne leaves “a seriously damaged democracy“, reacted Sophie Binet, general secretary of the CGT on franceinfo, Tuesday January 9, before specifying that “The record is not good, but it is Emmanuel Macron’s record“.

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