deputies Julien Bayou and Benjamin Haddad propose the mobilization of frozen Russian assets for the reconstruction of Ukraine

“Support Ukraine with the Russian dictator’s money, let’s do that rather than making the European taxpayer pay alone,” urges the elected environmentalist.


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Renaissance MP Benjamin Haddad (G) and Les Écologues MP Julien Bayou (D).  (GEOFFROY VAN DER HASSELT / BERTRAND GUAY / AFP)

A proposed resolution for the use of frozen Russian assets for the benefit of the war effort and the reconstruction of Ukraine will be tabled in the Assembly, at the initiative of Renaissance MP Benjamin Haddad and Les Écologues MP Julien Bayou, respectively president and vice-president of the France-Ukraine friendship group. “Every time France has made a decision [sur le conflit ukrainien -Ndlr]it made all of Europe move”, pleads the environmentalist, while President Volodymyr Zelensky is expected in Paris on Friday February 16 to sign a bilateral security agreement.

“These frozen Russian assets represent a significant financial windfall which must be mobilized for the support and reconstruction of Ukraine,” can we read in the proposed resolution. A mobilization motivated as much by “concern for pragmatism as by that of justice and international responsibility”.

“It is those responsible for this unjustifiable war who must pay the consequences and take responsibility for reconstruction.”

Proposed resolution


The sums, 300 billion euros in total, which mainly belong to the Russian central bank, of which “nearly 200 billion are within the European Union” were frozen following the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, and even generate interest which will be taxed. “It’s 300 billion which can immediately support the Ukrainian war effort and reconstruction and it also sends the message that Europe does not bend, does not weaken in its support for Ukraine”explains the rapporteur of the text, Julien Bayou.

According to him, the majority, the socialists and the right could support this text. If the text garners the support of a majority of parliamentarians, “it’s the parliament which tells the government ‘it’s up to you to act, take your responsibilities’. These 300 billion are confiscated anyway. Finally we can support Ukraine with the money of the Russian dictator, let’s do that instead than making the European taxpayer pay alone.”

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