December 8 and 9, 2023

After Matt Pokora, Soprano and Kev Adams, it is the turn of singer and composer Vianney to become the godfather of this new 2023 edition.


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The city of Dijon is mobilizing for the 2022 Telethon. (JEAN-PIERRE POUTEAU / AFM-TELETHON)

Each year, the Telethon, nearly 20,000 events are offered throughout France. Inspired by an American concept, the French Telethon has established itself over the years as a unique event, in terms of mobilization and fundraising.

The Telethon was born in France in 1986, inspired by the American Telethon

It was on the initiative of two fathers whose sons suffered from myopathy, Bernard Barataud (President of the AFM) and Pierre Birambeau (development director) that the Telethon was created in 1986; while the television marathon has existed since 1966, in the United States, hosted by comedian Jerry Lewis.

The two French people managed to convince the managers of Antenne 2 (now France 2) to adapt the show for French television. The first Telethon was launched on Friday December 4, 1987 at 8:30 p.m. on Antenne 2, live from the Radio France studios. For 28 hours non-stop, Michel Drucker, Claude Sérillon, Gérard Holtz and Jacques Chancel take turns on the air with godfather Jerry Lewis.

The Telethon today involves nearly 215,000 volunteers and 50,000 associations, engaged on the ground, nearly 13,000 municipalities mobilized, 30 hours of television broadcast on France Télévisions, 90 national partners, who renew their commitment every year, a digital device on social networks with the Téléthon Gaming, the Téléthon Challenge, and a live broadcast on YouTube.

The interactive map of Telethon events in France.

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