Deceived and raped, Zahia denounces her ex in “What a time” and the inaction of the police!

On November 23, 2021, Zahia Dehar decided to break the silence. The one who should have officiated at Cyril Hanouna on TPMP this year, took the floor to talk about the hell she experienced alongside her ex-partner and the repetitive rapes she allegedly endured at his hands. “I was in pain, I was screaming, I told him: ‘No, it hurts too much, I can’t’, he was forcing me. […] He told me: ‘If you don’t satisfy me I’m going to look elsewhere’ and after this blackmail, he raped me.”indicated the model without forgetting to specify that the man in question would have imposed sexual relations on her up to three times a day and despite her pain.

“He always found something to bring me back. As soon as I got my head out of depression, he threw me back into it. The person I was was lost. I gave up on my private life. Maybe -maybe I haven’t received any visible blows, but my psychological state is very real […] He destroyed me”, she also added. On the set of What an erathis Saturday September 30, 2023, Zahia Dehar

returned to this painful episode.

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Zahia Dehar still traumatized by her ex-companion

Invited by Léa Salame to talk about the film The air of the sea sets you free

in theaters on October 4, the young woman must have remembered the ordeal endured. “A year ago you did something on Instagram Live. In black, you freaked out in quotes saying that you had gone “crazy” and you said that a man with whom you were very in love physically and morally abused you , abused you”recalled the host.

“Yes, that’s it. And it happened little by little because I didn’t have much knowledge about this subject, we don’t understand what’s happening to us. I was manipulated little by little. little by little. Little by little I drifted towards madness, and he belittled me, I had lost all self-confidence. Even going to get fruit I was afraid, I cried, I had the impression that I was ugly”then confirmed Zahia Dehar who remembered sometimes being “suddenly sitting on the ground in the street screaming and crying” at that time.

The police did nothing

Christophe Dechavanne, shocked by the story, asked the guest if she had filed a complaint. “You know what I was told? It’s your word against his and you don’t have much proof because it’s emotional abuse.”lamented Zahia Dehar on the set of the show France 2 before revealing that her ex-boyfriend now lives in London and ensuring that the police “knows everything”. “They know. But he does the opposite. He says ‘she’s the hysterical one’ and in appearance you could really believe that I was the hysterical one. It was me who was crying, in dying”concluded the young woman, still moved when she talks about this sad period of her life.


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