Deadly shot at Rust film | The gunsmith sentenced to 18 months in prison

(Los Angeles) The western gunsmith Rustproduced by Alec Baldwin and on the set of which the director of photography was killed by a shot, was sentenced Monday to 18 months of imprisonment by the American justice system.

Hannah Gutierrez-Reed had loaded the revolver with which Alec Baldwin was rehearsing in October 2021, when filming turned tragic on a New Mexico ranch: a live bullet killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and injured director Joel Souza .

His sentence corresponds to the maximum requested by the prosecution. The gunsmith expressed “neither responsibility nor remorse” during the trial, prosecutor Kari Morrissey insisted Monday.

According to the prosecution, she called the jurors “idiots” and “retarded” in her calls from prison since the verdict in March.

“The jury found that I was partly responsible for this terrible tragedy, but that does not make me a monster,” the armorer said in tears, expressing her compassion for the victim’s family.

Star and producer of the film, Alec Baldwin is also charged with manslaughter. He also faces 18 months in prison, but is due to be tried separately in July.

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